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Wood Restoration
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sherwin Williams Anti-Graffiti Coating

Hi guys,
I thought I would share some information on a new coating from Sherwin Williams that resists those annoying graffiti artists. 

Tenhulzen Painting has done a lot of work removing and re-painting surfaces that contained Graffiti.  In the correct application, this coating could probably save you and your owners a good amount of headache, time and money.  Feel free to read more by following the link to the product information.  The product is of course a gloss finish and may be good for some areas and not for others. Perfect for doors and block walls that are more hidden.  Available for color matching to your current color schemes.

Pro Industrial™ Anti-Graffiti Coating®

Thank you for all of your business, we are grateful to have such great partnerships.