Wood Restoration

Wood Restoration
Daly's Products put to the test

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tenhulzen Painting at Benjamin Moore Paint Co. Headquarters

I have just returned from the Benjamin Moore Headquarters and laboratories in New Jersey.  I must say, I am completely blown away at the amount of time, money, research and testing that this company puts into a gallon of paint.  While on the tour at the Laboratories in Flanders New Jersey, we were able to see the many scientists in their labs working on development and manipulation of their already superior products.

I was impressed with the amount of time that they dedicated to us with having various experts presenting to us what it is that they do every day.  We were shown the many tests that they perform using advanced machines such as the accelerated weathering testers, controlled temperature and humidity chambers, scrub testers, leveling tests, abrasion tests, coverage tests, etc.  Their objective is to not only test their own products but also those of their competitors to ensure that they are staying on the cutting edge of paint technology.  Benjamin Moore is the leader in the production of 100% acrylic paints, those such as the Aura line, and they stay on top of their game by diligently exploring possibilities with coatings.  The Aura line was actually developed by a few new scientists coming into the mix and bringig their new ideas to the table.

Jim Mallory of mallory Paint Stores in the Seattle area was our sponsor more or less for the three of us contractors that went on the trip.  We were all four taken to the outdoor test farm which was around 5 acres of different types of panels of wood siding & decking, vinyl, composite decking, and aluminum siding set at 90 degree angles, 45 degree angles for faster weathering scenarios, and at flat horizontal surfaces for the decking materials.  I was most blown away at how the two coat system was proving to outlast and hold up better than the one coat application.  Too many contractors try to get by with one coat and I was validated in Tenhulzen Painting's practices of applying our two coats every time.

The entire laboratory 5 acre parking lot is covered by solar panels and then there is another 15 acre solar panel field that generates all of the electricity for their facilities.  They generate so much electricity that they are able to sell back much of the energy to the electric companies.  Benjamin Moore has also started using natural gas semi's for all of their national shipping efforts which is a much cleaner and greener way to do business.  Along with these consumption minimization efforts the company is also producing the most advanced NO VOC paints in the industry.

While a majority of the paint we used in the past 12 years has been Benjamin Moore, it is Tenhulzen Painting's objective to use more Benjamin Moore paint in 2012.

Following our visit to the laboratories we went to the company corporate Headquarters where we met briefly with the CEO/ president, Arbor Coat stain and primers head, sales management lead,  a couple vice presidents and finance department management.  Needless to say at this point, we had a very impressive time with the company and left with goody bags full of benjamin moore swag like shirts, hats, software and of course coffee mugs.

It is a pleasure for Tenhulzen Painting to be a strong partner with The Benjamin Moore Company representing the greater Seattle area, painting Seattle residences and businesses with pride.

Thanks to Benjamin Moore Company, Jim Mallory, John Shearer, George Bean, Rob Shehan, Rob Seiss, John Lanzillotti, & Greg Hourdajian, Mike, Anna, Femi, Monica, & John for an outstanding visit and presentation and for sharing your hard work with us.