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Wood Restoration
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Solar Conductive Coatings, Photovoltaic Coatings

Professor Michael Gratzel of Switzerland has been named the winner of the Albert Einstein World Award of Science for "outstanding accomplishments to the welfare of mankind and the health of the planet."

The coatings that Professor Gratzel and his team have developed create an artificial process of photosynthesis as occurs naturally in plants and applies it to paint.  This technology could be vastly used in areas like Bermuda where the roof's are all painted white with a non-sluffing coating to also collect water for the multi thousand gallon cisterns under their homes.  If this coating were applied to roofs and even the south sides of buildings it could have a major impact on the forms that we use to generate electricity.

Solar coatings will also offer future opportunities for the coatings industry to diversify their services and ultimately provide a much more attractive alternative to regular paint.  For an individual like myself who has always been interested in Photovoltaics, this development is an exciting opportunity for our business and our clients.  It will be fascinating to see how this invention develops and is applied as it comes to market.

Tenhulzen Painting will report further on the development of this product and its uses as the information becomes available.
Congratulations to Professor Michael Gratzel.